Kyle Green

Kyle Green

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Newport Beach, CA

Fun Facts

What inspired you to start Ubuntu Travel?

While I’ve always been passionate about African travel, I’d have to say the real “aha moment” for me came during our 2014 NFL players trip to South Africa. Seeing others experience the wonders of Africa for the first time, and the joy that it brought them, truly resonated with me at a deeper level. I want to recreate and share those feelings with as many people as possible and Ubuntu Travel provides the perfect outlet.

What is your most memorable safari experience?

Each and every safari experience is unique and unlike the other. Some of my oldest childhood memories are of sitting in a safari vehicle with my parents and being awe struck by everything in front of me. Each and every experience is etched fondly into my brain, from my many trips to South Africa growing up, to my first time in the Okavango Delta with my wife, Leah, as well as the incredible experiences we’ve had gorilla trekking in Rwanda. I look forward to creating many more memories on this incredible continent.

What is your favorite African dish?

As a native South African my answer is of course biltong, which is the South African version of beef jerky, although it can be made from other types of game. There’s nothing better than enjoying some biltong and a gin & tonic during a sundowner in the bush on an evening game drive.