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Prioritize Sustainability

Prioritize Sustainability

We make a point of partnering with lodges and organizations that prioritize sustainability and responsible travel. From conservation projects that protect wildlife and resources to eco-friendly establishments that offer hands-on support, we offer a variety of unique opportunities to help promote positive changes in Africa.

Empower the Community

Empower the Community

Creating jobs for locals not only helps improve lives but also drives a passion within the communities we serve to support tourism and be mindful of animal conservation. Our partner lodges work to educate and employ local residents from the surrounding community. In addition, many of our partners offer educational visits to local communities where travelers can learn about unique cultures and customs.

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Responsible Travel FAQs

Do all trips have a responsible travel component?

Our partners in Africa aim to protect the land, wildlife, and natural resources throughout the continent. Guests can feel confident Ubuntu Travel is directly giving back to African communities and assisting with various conservation projects built to sustain the area, wildlife, and people.

Does Ubuntu offer conservation trips?

We partner with various luxury safari operators for exclusive animal conservation experiences. Guests are given a first-hand experience alongside seasoned wildlife specialists and veterinarian teams to assist in a number of conservation activities with rhinos, elephants, lions and other threatened species.

How are animals treated on safari?

Our guides take many precautions to ensure animals feel safe and are never threatened by vehicles on game drives. Our guides will brief guests on game drive etiquette before departure and will remind the party of safety measures throughout the journey. In a successful safari situation, animals will not pay any attention to the vehicles and will see them as a part of their environment.

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  • "Reflecting back on our trip to Africa, one word comes to mind, “magical”. From the diversity of the flora and fauna, the majestic topography, the cool mornings and nights, along with hot days, all leaves us yearning to return. Thanks to Ubuntu Travel, we traveled across a handful of countries that went seamlessly without any challenges allowing us to simply sit back and enjoy our family time together over the holidays. It was a trip of a lifetime and the memories will last forever!"

    Jon Gordon (and family)
  • "Thank you Ubuntu Travel Team! We cannot thank you enough for the expert attention to detail throughout each phase of our adventure. From pre-planning, vaccination assistance, to accommodations and experiences once on the ground; our trip is one that exceeded all expectations. We would like to make special note of the incredibly kind and knowledgeable safari guides and resort staff that accompanied us throughout our stay. Every inquiry we had regarding landscape or animal species was thoroughly answered. These guides are all highly educated and the proficiency displayed by each and every guide while on safari added even more to the value and enjoyment of our holiday. We truly fell in love with the land and the people. Thank you for providing us with the trip of a lifetime."

    Butch & Helen Glispie
  • "Kyle and Leah at Ubuntu Travel curated my wife's and my Honeymoon. We put a lot of faith in their hands as we had no idea how to plan a Safari vacation. We gave them a budget, and they offered us a couple of different options that could work. Throughout the decision making process they were responsive, professional, and so helpful. We ended up on doing a week in and around Cape Town followed by Safari at Ngala in South Africa and the Okavango Delta in Botswana. It was perfect; the logistics of the trip were seamless. We wouldn't have changed a single thing. The Ubuntu team completely understood what we wanted for honeymoon and delivered. We have already recommended them to friends and family who are looking to try their first or second or third safari. Thanks Ubuntu!"

    Brandon & Nicole Stoller
  • "Without question our trips to Africa with the Green Family and Ubuntu Travel stand out as highlights in our family's memory of experiences. We enjoyed time with the Greens, and three other couples, in Cape Town and Kruger in 2010 via a well-orchestrated trip that exposed us to an experience beyond our expectations. We then traveled with them again to Zambia and Botswana in 2016, this time on a YPO family experience with over 100 people. During each trip, we were impressed by the exceptional accommodations, gracious hosts and staff, and the overall experience working with the Ubuntu Travel Team. Even while traveling with a large group, all transfers and events were seamless. We are so thankful for all of the memories we will cherish from our adventures in Africa."

    Steve Lockshin (and Family) Advice Period, Convergent Wealth Advisors, Principal, Founder and Former CEO

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