Luxury Family Safari Packages to Africa

Discover Africa's untamed wonders through our curated luxury family safari packages. Experience family adventures, shared moments of discovery, and Africa's exhilarating beauty. Ready for lifelong memories? Your extraordinary escape begins here.

Tailor-Made African Safaris for Families

Explore Our Popular Luxury Family Safari Packages

Discover Africa’s untamed wonders through our specially curated luxury family safari packages. Don’t forget, we can tailor-make each safari to your family’s preference. 

Cape Town | Sabi Sand Game Reserve | Victoria Falls 

Plan the perfect family vacation from Cape Town to Victoria Falls! Search for the Big Five in the iconic Sabi Sand Game Reserve! Discover the majesty of Victoria Falls!

From $10,400
per person
Nairobi | Laikipia | Masai Mara | Zanzibar

Discover Kenya’s wildlife-rich Masai Mara and Zanzibar’s tropical beaches on this 11-day East African family safari escape!

From $8,500
per person

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Our Favorite Family African Safaris

Discover some of our favorite family safari tours to get an idea of what is possible. Of course, we will tailor your safari to your family’s wishes. Let’s create unforgettable memories together in Africa!

The Ultimate Family Adventure

The Ultimate Family Safari – East Africa



Latts and Shapira Family

“An adventure of a lifetime! Our family of eleven, spanning three generations, experienced an incredible visit to the South African continent. From Johannesburg to Cape Town to Victoria Falls and a fabulous safari with a range of activities, lodging, culinary delights and most importantly the sites themselves, all expertly arranged by Ubuntu Travel, provided us with breathtaking, thrilling and treasured memories of the holiday season.”


Motichko Family

“We were overwhelmed with the idea of deciding where and when to head to Africa with our 2 children.  Ubuntu Travel listened, dialogued with us, gave suggestions and put together our family trip of a lifetime! Every detail was thought through with our family of 4 in mind; every transfer, guide, accommodation, meal, excursion, and game drive. It was our favorite family vacation EVER and we cannot wait to go back! Choosing Ubuntu Travel was the BEST decision we made!  Leah and Kyle truly are pros at tailor-making trips to Africa and beyond.”


Bechert and Killebrew Family

“My family used Ubuntu Travel to help us with a Thanksgiving holiday we will never forget!  Since we are all spread out over the US, we thought it would be a great idea to create a new tradition coupled with new experiences. We all feel that we were able to create memories together on this trip that we will NEVER forget and spent more quality time together than we would have been able to over the holiday at home. This was one of the most special and exceptionally executed trips I have ever taken. We will be back!”

Family Safari Adventure for all ages:


Under 5 Years Old

If you plan to travel with children ages 5 and under, we recommend visiting South Africa, as it is one of the few destinations within Africa that has malaria-free regions. In South Africa, there are a handful of malaria-free safari parks that are perfect for young families, as well as wonderful coastal city add-ons for the whole family to enjoy! Childminding services are also available at many safari properties and hotels.


5 to 10 Years Old

For families traveling with children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old, there are a number of safari parks, both in malaria-free and malaria areas, that are equipped with programs specifically designed for children. These programs offer exciting and engaging activities to keep children occupied between morning and afternoon game drives. Activities range from learning about identifying animal tracks to how to shoot a bow and arrow like a Masaai warrior.


10 Years and Older

The options continue to open up when traveling with your pre-teen, teenage, and young adult children. Older children do not necessarily require the range of non-safari activities available in the destinations we recommend for younger families. Traditional safaris pair perfectly with a beach or island destination. Incorporating cultural elements and learning experiences are also great for families with older children.



For families who enjoy adventure, Africa has a multitude of activities that are sure to get your heart pumping. Walking or boating safaris, primate trekking, sleeping out under the stars, or hiking Mount Kilimanjaro are just a few of the incredible escapades you and your family can experience together in Africa. There is no shortage of special interests for you and your family to explore.


Exclusive Use

Whether you are looking to travel with just your family, or with another family in tow, taking exclusive-use of a private villa or home is a fantastic way to ensure an intimate experience with those closest to you. These exclusive use properties are available in select game reserves, coastal cities, and private islands throughout the Indian Ocean. For a touch of extra exclusivity, private charter flights can be arranged.



Multi-generational travel in Africa is a wonderful way to bring your loved ones together and disconnect from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Africa is a wonderful destination for grandparents, children, and grandchildren to enjoy shared experiences and spend precious time together. These are the opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime for all those involved.

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