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A crucial element of any African experience is wildlife viewing on safari. Depending on where you choose to explore, safari can mean a variety of things, but it always means an up-close game viewing experience. In East Africa, witness zebras and wildebeest join in the annual Great Migration across the Serengeti or view a pod of hippos from a hot air balloon over the Mara River. In Southern Africa, dive with great white sharks in Cape Town or view elephants from a dugout canoe in Botswana. Let’s not forget the opportunity for face to face encounters with mountain gorillas in Rwanda, or swimming alongside dolphins in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The possibilities are endless!

Exceptional Dining

Exceptional Dining

Your personal, white glove tour includes dining that is worth the trip on its own. You will indulge in farm-to-table, sustainable meals crafted by world renowned chefs. You will experience traditional boma dinners at safari lodges while joining locals performing their native songs and dance. You will enjoy delicious, local dried fruits, a variety of roasted nuts and traditional biltong beef jerky along your safari game drives. Speciality cocktails and fine wine under the seemingly endless African sky will cap off your daily adventures. And if you have a dietary restriction or preference, we will make sure all of your needs are met.



Explore the African continent while knowing you will always return to a luxurious room. Being in the bush doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy extreme comfort or exceptional lodging. Enjoy expansive suites, filled with impeccable artwork and unique design. Sip a morning cup of coffee from your private deck nestled in nature. Take in panoramic views of surrounding wildlife from the privacy of your personal plunge pool. Whether you’re dreaming of the ultimate tree house to sleep under the stars, enjoying the breath-taking views from beach-side bungalows, or the rustic charm of a country farmhouse - your accommodations are always world-class.


  • "Without question our trips to Africa with the Green Family and Ubuntu Travel stand out as highlights in our family's memory of experiences. We enjoyed time with the Greens, and three other couples, in Cape Town and Kruger in 2010 via a well-orchestrated trip that exposed us to an experience beyond our expectations. We then traveled with them again to Zambia and Botswana in 2016, this time on a YPO family experience with over 100 people. During each trip, we were impressed by the exceptional accommodations, gracious hosts and staff, and the overall experience working with the Ubuntu Travel Team. Even while traveling with a large group, all transfers and events were seamless. We are so thankful for all of the memories we will cherish from our adventures in Africa."

    Steve Lockshin (and Family) Advice Period, Convergent Wealth Advisors, Principal, Founder and Former CEO

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