Lion Conservation: Protect the Pride

To celebrate the release of Disney’s The Lion King, we wanted to do our part to raise awareness of the crisis facing lions and other wildlife throughout Africa. Did you know that since the release of the original film 25 years ago, the number of lions in the world has declined by half? With only about 20,000 left in the wild, lions are officially classified as ‘vulnerable’ —sadly, due mostly to hunting and habitat loss. The good news? Some big names are all teaming up with the Lion Recovery Fund, and several other incredible organizations (more below), to help protect and revitalize the lion population. Because when we help protect lions, we help protect the entire circle of life. *queue Elton John!


What’s Being Done to Help Lions

With population numbers falling fast, fans and wildlife lovers around the world are coming together to help to protect and revitalize lion populations and the habitats they need to thrive. To contribute, there’s a number of organizations and global conservation campaigns you should check out.

Lion Recovery Fund

The Lion Recovery Fund is certainly leading the pack when it comes to popularity. Created by the Wildlife Conservation Network in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the Lion Recovery Fund supports transformative conservation actions and aspires to double the number of lions in Africa by 2050. As part of the “Protect the Pride” campaign, Disney has already donated $1.5 million and plans to double the contribution through grants and fan participation. Even social media has taken hold of the campaign with tweets pouring in from fans and advocates alike as The Lion King premieres at the box office (#protectthepride).


Other Helpful Organizations


How to Get Involved

There are a number of ways to help support the ideas and institutions working to bring back the king of beasts. Naturally, a financial donation is encouraged towards any of the benevolent organizations listed above, but there are also other ways to contribute and show your support for lion conservation efforts.


We encourage everyone to make an investment toward effective projects to recover lions and restore their landscapes. While we support giving to any of the organizations listed above, the Lion Recovery Fund maintains a 100 percent donation model, where every dollar is directly contributed towards recovery projects with zero administrative or overhead fees taken.

Conservation Trips

Why not donate your time during a hands-on conservation trip? Unlike a safari, your group will have the opportunity to work closely with wildlife and conservation professionals on real projects and initiatives. It’s inspiring and empowering stuff, to say the least.

Raising Awareness

Short of a trip to Africa or donating your savings account, there’s plenty you can do to raise awareness of wildlife conservation in Africa. Begin by talking to your friends, coworkers, neighbors—anyone who will listen—about the huge decline in lion population throughout Africa and resources they can research to learn more and donate.

Our Commitment to Responsible Travel

Responsible travel allows local communities to earn a fair revenue from tourism, supports conservation, and considerably limits the environmental impact of the vacation itself. While you can still enjoy a luxury safari it’s important to choose a travel company that is ethical in how it operates its lodges and engages with the local community. Ubuntu Travel partners with indigenous communities throughout Africa to take every measure necessary to ensure we affect positive change and enrich lives throughout every journey.


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