Leah Green

Leah Green

Co-Founder & Travel Designer

Newport Beach, CA

Fun Facts

What inspired your first visit to Africa?

During my senior year studying at the University of Michigan, I was introduced to an organization called Student Athletes Leading Social Change. Through this group, I was exposed to some exciting opportunities to help a small village in Kenya by assisting in the construction of a new school for their village. After months of fundraising and preparation, I was fortunate enough to travel to Kenya to help build the school, learn about the local culture and meet some incredible people.

Describe your most memorable trip to Africa?

I firmly believe that every trip I have taken (and will take) to Africa will hold a special place for me. Whether venturing to new countries with unfamiliar terrain or relaxing in the comfort of your favorite lodge – no two safari experiences are the same. While on safari, I love the uncertainty of what adventure will find you next —- or who you will have the pleasure of meeting and sharing your safari vehicle with. Every trip offers new adventures, memories and experiences.

What is your favorite thing to see while on safari?

While I am always excited to see the “Big 5” on safari, the animals I enjoy watching the most are the ones who don’t always make an appearance. Since they are always on the move hunting, packs of African Wild Dogs are often difficult to find, but very fascinating to watch if you get the chance. If you are lucky enough to find a group resting, stick around to see how the pack decides if it is time for the next hunt. Absolutely magical!

What advice would you give to a traveler visiting Africa?

Put the camera down!!! Yes — getting the perfect shots of the wildlife and scenery during your African adventures are a must-do, but it is easy to get caught up and only view from behind the lens. Once you have taken a few frame-worthy shots, my advice is to take the time to put the camera down, and just observe. Take in the beauty. Listen to the sounds. Appreciate your interaction with the wildlife.